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Weekend Event FAQs
Started by TeddMC



12 Dec 2021
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10 Nov 2023

Date: Saturday 18 December 3PM - 5PM CET (Central European Time)

What will be the theme of the event?
Each player will be randomly given 1/100 chunks, each with a different theme / biome. Your objective will be to build the most unique and creative structure using the materials and blocks in your chunk, in Survival game mode within 2 hours.

What Minecraft version should I join with?
We recommend 1.17 (this is the native server version), however you should also be able to join using versions 1.16 - 1.18. Joining in a version older than these is not recommended. You will be at a disadvantage as you will not have access to all the blocks others have available.
How can I join the event? Be online anywhere in the network before 3PM CET ( When the event commences, we'll message everyone with an invite link that you can click in your chat. What are the event rules? General behavior rules will apply. Additionally, clients that offer a competitive advantage will not be allowed. Players that die or leave their chunk in any way will also be disqualified from the competition. Offenders will be removed immediately. Players who leave / are disqualified within the first 30 minutes may have their plots given to another participant.

What is the prize pool?
$500 USD is up for grabs!

Can I stream the event or record it in any way?
As this will be content for a future video, we ask that you DON'T release footage of any building until after Jeracraft has released his video. Please also note that participants may be featured / recorded for the future video.

TeddMC · over 2 years ago · Last edited: over 2 years ago