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Weekend Event FAQs

Date: Saturday 18 December 3PM - 5PM CET (Central European Time)

What will be the theme of the event?
Each player will be randomly given 1/100 chunks, each with a different theme / biome. Your objective will be to build the most unique and creative structure using the materials and blocks in your chunk, in Survival game mode within 2 hours.

What Minecraft version should I join with?
We recommend 1.17 (this is the native server version), however you should also be able to join using versions 1.16 - 1.18. Joining in a version older than these is not recommended. You will be at a disadvantage as you will not have access to all the blocks others have available.
How can I join the event? Be online anywhere in the network before 3PM CET ( When the event commences, we'll message everyone with an invite link that you can click in your chat. What are the event rules? General behavior rules will apply. Additionally, clients that offer a competitive advantage will not be allowed. Players that die or leave their chunk in any way will also be disqualified from the competition. Offenders will be removed immediately. Players who leave / are disqualified within the first 30 minutes may have their plots given to another participant.

What is the prize pool?
$500 USD is up for grabs!

Can I stream the event or record it in any way?
As this will be content for a future video, we ask that you DON'T release footage of any building until after Jeracraft has released his video. Please also note that participants may be featured / recorded for the future video.

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100 Chunks Build Event

Weekend Event

Lastly, just a reminder that this Saturday (the 18th of December) from around 3PM - 5PM CET, we'll be running the 100 Chunks Build Event as mentioned in Jeracraft's last video! Participants have the chance to win large cash prizes as well as feature in one of Jeracraft's next videos. This event will be limited to a maximum of 100 players based on whoever joins first. Players with premium ranks will be given first priority to join. Don't forget to click the "Events" button at the top-left of this discord and subscribe to the event to be notified when it begins.


We have a lot of exciting new changes planned for all gamemodes, especially Survival. Stay tuned for more details.

over 2 years ago


We're also taking this opportunity to recruit new Devs and Adventure Map designers!

For more information about these roles, check out the links below. Please note you'll need to register an account on our website first before applying:



The ideal Dev we are looking for has the following characteristics:

  • A clean record on both the Discord and Minecraft servers
  • Good communication skills (including English competency)
  • An established / diverse portfolio of projects written using the Bukkit/Bungeecord API (preferably hosted on GitHub)
  • At least 2 Years experience with Java
  • Passionate about Jeracraft and Minecraft server development
  • At least 17 years of age

Bonus characteristics

  • Experience in other programming languages and web development (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Experience with databases (MongoDB, MySQL, Redis)
  • Experience with CloudNet
  • Experience with the Discord JDA API


RPG / Adventure Map Designer:
(Builder, Texturer/Modeler, RPG Designer (quest, loot and lore) or others)

The ideal applicant we are looking for has the following characteristics:

  • Good communication skills (including English competency)
  • Creative story-telling skills
  • Experience with previous RPG servers, script-writing or adventure maps
  • Good knowledge of Minecraft physics and limitations 
  • Good knowledge of Jeracraft’s maps

Bonus Characteristics

  • Experience with common RPG plugins such as MythicMobs, ZNPCS, Quests etc.
  • Bukkit plugin development skills (not required for being accepted)
  • Building skills

over 2 years ago

Dear Jeracraft members,

I have some exciting news for you all!


First of all, our new server website is finally live! To register, you'll need to click the button on the top right of this page, then login again. For now, we'll be using the website for mostly announcements and server-suggestion posts as the format of the forums allow for better comments and discussions than on Discord. Everything else will continue to be hosted on Discord.